Melody Fader Solo Piano, on a 1926 Steinway B

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower 
January 8, 2008

This CD is an astonishingly superb compilation of the Chopin Fantaisie-Impromptu, Op. 66, the Chopin Nocturne in B major, Op. 62 no. 1, the Mozart Piano Sonata in D major, K.311, and four Scriabin Études, Op. 2 no. 1 in C-sharp minor, Op. 8 no.5 in E major, Op. 8 no. 6 in A major, and Op. 8 no. 12 in D-sharp minor. Ms. Fader brings out the potential of the 1926 Steinway B, with the varying moods and styles of the three composers, especially in the drama of the final Scriabin Étude.

Notable tracks:
#1 –Fantaisie-Impromptu – Composed by Frédéric Chopin. The renowned opening theme is sensual and lyrical, with the mesmerizing rhythmical qualities of a pianist who often accompanies ballet. Ms. Fader takes her time to emphasize the contrasting moods and momentum, while assiduously capturing the rapid waterfalls that re-appear in spinning dervish.

#5 – Rondeau-Allegro movement – Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Again, there is real dance imagery in this track, as Ms. Fader focuses on the edges of the musical motion. Her enthusiasm for the structure of Mozart followed by the emotionalism of Scriabin is striking.

#7 – Étude in E major, Op. 8 no. 5 – Composed by Alexander Scriabin. In this and the following track one can imagine palpable balletic presence, an inherent and elegant unfolding of the themes. Romance and rapture resonate within this persuasive étude.

#9 – Étude in D-sharp minor, Op. 8 no. 12 – Composed by Alexander Scriabin. The urgent emotion of this étude is expertly and energetically released as Ms. Fader unleashes the antique Steinway’s brilliant sound. Melody Fader is certainly an artist to watch.


"Much of the pleasure of NCB’s recent performances came from pianist Melody Fader..."

-Deborah Jowitt for The Village Voice 2/9/10


"...a selection of Gyorgy Ligetie's etudes for piano, performed with great panache
by Melody Fader"

-Roslyn Sulcas for the New York Times 10/2/07


"...first rate live music....To hear their music stirringly played by violinist Erik Carlson and pianist Melody Fader was a revelation...."

-Claudio La Rocco for the New York Times 9/24/07

The pianist Melody Fader with Christin Hanna of Miro Magloire’s New Chamber Ballet.  Credit: Hiroyuki Ito for The New York Times

The pianist Melody Fader with Christin Hanna of Miro Magloire’s New Chamber Ballet.

Credit: Hiroyuki Ito for The New York Times


"It is not every performance that has scores by Mozart, Tartini, Dallapiccola and Scriabin, performed live, and sumptuously, by Melody Fader on piano and Erik Carlson on violin."

Jennifer Dunning, New York Times September 26th, 2006